Rehab Through Rahab

Text: Joshua 2

We desperately need to get a fresh look at God’s work in our day! We need to get a proper perspective of what Jesus was all about. If we aren’t very careful, we will become so self-absorbed that we will miss the big picture. The Church needs rehab.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to experience divine unity and real community in a way that will enable us to be a part of God’s mission on earth… Listen in as we find out how we can experience rehab through Rahab!

Christian Paganism

Text: Numbers 22-24

In this world plagued with doubt and distraction, it’s so easy to get lost in the dark, not knowing who to trust or on what to focus our attention. In today’s message Pastor Brian show’s us how a talking donkey beautifully illustrates the way eye-opening experiences can shift our focus and redirect our trust.