Hebrews Part 7: Resting in God

Text: Hebrews Chapter 4.

Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid distractions and keep our eye on Jesus. But when we do, we can let go and rest in God.

Hebrews Part 6: Trust

Text: Hebrews Chapter 3.

Pastor Brian encourages us to hold fast to our trust and confidence in God, making sure that we’re always building on Christ’s solid foundation.

Hebrews Part 5: Consider Jesus

Text: Hebrews Chapter 3.

As Jesus followers, let us remember that the builder is bigger that what he has built by trusting Him instead of our own experiences.

Hebrews Part 4: The Trailblazer

Text: Hebrews Chapter 2.

How much does Jesus really understand our lives? The answer: He is intimately familiar with our struggles. Pastor Brian illustrates how he is our trailblazer and heritage-maker.