Hebrews Part 17: A Mother’s Conscience

Text: Hebrews Chapter 9.

On this Mother’s Day, Pastor Brian relates today’s text to a struggle all mothers face: feeling like we’re not good enough for our kids. But what if our conscience could be free? If we stop pretending we have all the answers, we can fully experience the love of God for ourselves. Only then will we be able to share it with our children and everyone else in our life.

Hebrews Part 16: Falling

Text : Hebrews Chapter 8.

Our loving obedience to God is an opportunity, not an obligation. Walking in the freedom of the New Covenant means allowing ourselves to fall and letting Jesus help us back up, again and again. Pastor Justin shows us that the Law was given to us not with the purpose of making us perfect, but to reveal that we cannot obey it.

Hebrews Part 15: Matchbox car Christianity

Text: Hebrews Chapter 8.

In this section of Hebrews, the three themes of Sanctuary, Sacrifice and Covenant are explored. We can use this text as a reminder to watch out for our tendency towards “matchbox car Christianity”, where we get attached to replicas instead of having faith in the real, immaterial truth.

Hebrews Part 14: Freedom

Text: Hebrews Chapter 7.

What do we do with our freedom? Being free means choosing who to trust. In a world where everything is temporary and must eventually be replaced, we can always look to Jesus. This High Priest, who lives to make intercession for us, will never become sinful and will never need replacing.

Easter 2017

As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, we reflect on the darkness and the light in our lives. Evil exists in each of us and in the world around us, but today we are reminded that God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.

Hebrews Part 13: Doubt and Certainty

Text: Hebrews Chapter 6.

Are God’s promises too good to be true? We shouldn’t deny the existence of doubt. Rather than waiting for God to prove himself to us, we can look for certainty in the consistency of His character.

Hebrews Part 12: Living Hope

Text: Hebrews Chapter 6.

Pastor Brian delves into one of the most contested passages of the Bible. From it, we learn the difference between believing things to be true and believing they are necessary to our lives. We can often get lost in the details or start going through the motions, but getting past this leads us to mature Christian living based on hope in God.

Hebrews Part 9: Back to the source

Text: Hebrews Chapter 5.

Christ’s humility is evident when we see that he never took any honor for himself, always valuing the glory of the Father over his position.

Hebrews Part 8: The High Priest

Text: Hebrews Chapter 4

In this passage, we understand Jesus as the Great High Priest. In order to avoid sin as Jesus did, we are encouraged to yield to God’s embrace.

Hebrews Part 7: Resting in God

Text: Hebrews Chapter 4.

Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid distractions and keep our eye on Jesus. But when we do, we can let go and rest in God.