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CITYLIGHT is a reality

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Citylight is a vibrant, gospel-centered, new-testament church, reaching urban Charlotte, NC!

How can you help see it grow?

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The need is great–the need is now!

The Urban South is one of the two fastest areas of population growth in the US. In addition, the Urban South is home to the most rapid decline in church attendance nationwide! Churches are closing their doors while the populations they serve surge forward in growth. Churches like Citylight are being established in these urban centers by refocusing on the gospel (the core message of Christianity).

We believe that the greater the night–the brighter the light! Difficult circumstances provide a catalyst for Jesus’ life-changing power to be clearly seen!

Due to the compelling nature of Citylight’s mission, many will want to contribute financially. Others will want to give of their lives. They will roll up their sleeves and find a place to serve. Some will want to do both.

Together we are aggressively pursuing the fulfillment of the great God-given mission found at the end of Matthew’s gospel.

Everything received will be used to establish disciple-making and church planting churches (at home and abroad), and serve the community well. Thank you for your contribution.