The Mirror of Humanity

Text: Genesis 29:1-30

Other people are useful in God’s process of refining us.
Sometimes they do so in pleasant ways and at other times in painful ways. Most of us will seek the path of least resistance over that of progress ten out of ten times.
In personal development, the two are rarely the same path.

In God’s sovereignty He sees fit to benefit our lives; he shows us ourselves via the mirror of humanity. It seems that when Jacob met Labon it was like Jacob was meeting Jacob.
Progressive sanctification occurs within community.

Make no mistake—many of us hide from opportunities to engage true community for good rea-son. We are willfully seeking the human path— the path of least resistance. But, what happens when we come to an intersection (a meeting) with an individual who gives us (in God’s sovereign grace) a healthy dose of our own medicine?

These events are intended to communicate to us the truth of our own desperate need. They are intended to humble us to a place of teachableness.

Notice that when we react in humility God grants grace to work through the pain and progress takes place.

James 4:6 But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

However, when we react in pride we move into a holding pattern that stops progress.
Illustration: It’s like being stuck on a plane that arrives early to it’s destination but keeps circling and never lands.
Eventually we will run out of fuel and our “plane” will plunge out of the air.

1) First, they teach us that even the natural world affirms justice.

2) Second, if we are to be Godly, simply living justice isn’t enough.

3) Third, we learn that the One who has blessed in spite of our injustice is the anti-dote—the solution—our hope.
It’s His love that will overcome injustice and propel us to ministries of mercy and grace.

When you’re met with injustice do you seek to contrive ways to overcome it/ to reconcile it/ to get back at it? Are you tempted, like me, to “take the law into your own hands.” Or,
do you recognize that you have contributed to the world’s injustice and look for a solution beyond yourself? Do you look to the one who has blessed you in spite of you?

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