Scripture teaches us to reach out to our neighborhoods, our city, our state, our nation, and our world. We have a global view of evangelism. The love of Christ compels us! God has given us a mission that reflects His magnitude. The New Testament Church is God’s plan for the nations.


We don’t just want to talk to each other and talk about God, we want to talk to God directly. Because of Jesus’ finished work, we can do just that!


The church is a community within a community—we interact with one another and then go out into our respective communities and serve them. Our backgrounds are diverse, but we are united in Jesus. We are intentional in our relationships. We value both individuals and the families that they make up.


We want to reflect authenticity and simplicity in our worship. Our desire is to cry out to God with pure hearts. We want to praise Him in a manner that communicates the simplicity of the gospel. We long to worship God with our lives!